By coincidence, a former co-worker at the hospital of Panzi came to live in a small village in Denmark for some time, and met with a dane who knew a little about Panzi, eastern Congo and the complexity of the conflict in Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. When they heard the news about Dr. Denis Mukwege recieving death threats , and that there was no national or international bodies in place to guarantee his safety, they felt that it was impossible to just sit and watch as things developed. Dr. Mukwege is such a strong symbol of the fight against sexual violence an injustice to the woman of Congo and other places in the world, that action had to be taken in one form or another. One idea went to another, and soon this site was launched in order to create a platform of communicating with people on the ground in Congo, and to enable some of the local inhabitants from the area to share their stories and pictures with others.