The eastern province of DR Congo have suffered one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, for the past 25 years. The large UN mission: MONUSCO, have been present since 2010, numerous governments and organizations have all been aware of the problems in the area, yet it still seems like the security and living conditions for the population are deteriorating from day to day.

The sufferings of the civilian population is not a secret, but widely known to the rest of the world, so how can it be that there has been no efficient intervention in the past 25 years ? And even though the population are living under appalling conditions of poverty and insecurity, there is still coming huge amounts of minerals out of the area, uncontrolled, unregistered, and unpaid to the population. International companies are benefiting from the exploitation that plays a big part in the ongoing conflict in the eastern regions of Congo.

This website will try to support you with links to already well established organizations that supply reliable information about eastern Congo, activists and NGO’s who are, and have been, working in the area for years.

We will establish a platform where the civilian population can share evidence of their challenges and problems via social medias.

We will aim to be brutally honest when addressing those who have had the power to intervene, but kept aside and did nothing to end the conflict. There are always different versions of a conflict, and we do not choose side, we just want to say things out loud, without any concern about offending politicians, companies or other stakeholders in the conflict.

Because the sufferings in eastern Congo is not a secret.