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This is the home on the web
of the Nyalebbe Community Development Alliance

Anghal Collectivité,
Mahagi Territory, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
PO Box 111,
Nebbi, Uganda
Tel +256 753 949 792

Most people believe that NGOs are suppose to distribute free things to the community as was the case with some international NGOs who first operated in our area when we had just returned after the war. I urge everyone in the community to focus on the fight against poverty but not materials gains. Poverty is not only lack of material wealth and money but also ignorance. Ignorance is actually the biggest problem that people in our community face and is the reason why people are poor.

I urge everyone to embrace opportunities such as the training that CDA is going to offer and other development projects that will come by. Let us break the vicious circle of poverty that ties most of us down.

Mama Mado Beriu, Chairperson, Nyalebbe CDA, at a one day seminar for all the stakeholders (CBOs, Local NGOs, Local/community leaders, Political Leaders, Government leaders and the members of the organization etc) on 12th April 2008.





We are honoured to be working with Reach Architecture Studio of Toronto Canada - partners Crystal Waddell and Lisa Sato to build a trade school. This imposes on us a huge learning process, to complete our obligations together with our architects. We also must build the infrastructure and human skills for the trade school.

[text to follow, meanwhile see link to Reach and also Dennis Argall's blog.


You can also follow our news at our blog.

We made a great start with our first projects, announced in 2007. You can read about our starting situation here at our old home page.

The two first projects are providing training in cutting and tailoring and in carpentry and joinery, for young people who would otherwise not have job skills. These priorities are our own decision. We appreciate the generosity of support and ideas from outside, but the most important thing to tell you is that the decisions are ours.

Here is a photo from our graduation ceremony in August 2012 - the graduands are in the first two rows.
Full story at blog here.


In the photo at the top of this page, women of the CDA were writing an essay on what peace means for us in Nyalebbe, for an issue of the journal off our backs published in America, edited by Lucinda Marshall of feministpeacenetwork. To read our essay 'Women the Mother of Peace', please click here.